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NYC Borough Beaches Open After Hurricane Sandy Cleanup

Many of New York City’s borough beaches have opened for summertime fun, but it wasn’t without a lot of effort.  Nearly 8,000 volunteers spent the past seven months helping the New York City Parks Department repair beach areas… Read More »

MTA Looking to Plug Subway Holes After Hurricane Sandy

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has begun looking for ways to plug the openings in New York City’s subway system, many areas of which were flooded during Hurricane Sandy, to make sure that the “next big… Read More »

Hurricane Sandy Evacuees Get Temporary Reprieve

It has been nearly seven months since Hurricane Sandy struck, but many of the storm’s evacuees have not yet been able to move back into their homes or found other living accommodations.  Approximately 900 displaced people have been… Read More »

Government Offers $475M in Additional Disaster Relief to Areas Hit Hardest by Hurricane Sandy

Rebuilding and repairing after Hurricane Sandy continues – even seven months after it devastated the coastal areas of New York and New Jersey.  Many of those affected say that progress is slow and that putting their lives back… Read More »

Parents Seek Counseling for Kids Traumatized by Hurricane Sandy

Although Hurricane Sandy ravaged the New York and New Jersey coastline seven months ago, the lingering destruction still preys on the minds of victims large and small.  Many parents have sought counseling for their children who continue to… Read More »

Hurricane Sandy Caused 10 Billion Gallons of Sewage to Be Released into Waterways

The force of Hurricane Sandy flooded numerous treatment plants in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut coastal areas.  Over 10 billion gallons of sewage was released into the area’s surrounding bays, waterways and beaches, causing the type… Read More »

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