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Unexpected Financial Consequences for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy left a wake of destruction for residents of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.  While wind damage, roof damage, interior damage and flooding are expected consequences of this type of natural disaster, many Hurricane Sandy victims… Read More »

Wind Damage A Major Factor For Superstorm Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy was one of the worst disasters to hit the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut coastline in years.  The Superstorm resulted in winds up to 115 miles per hour that caused billions of dollars in damage. … Read More »

Governments Assisting Hurricane Sandy Victims; Insurers Must Do The Same

Federal and state governments are stepping up to the plate when it comes to providing victims of Hurricane Sandy with the relief they need to rebuild and repair their lives.  However, many homeowners are still waiting for their… Read More »

Hurricane Deductibles Not Applicable For “Superstorm” Sandy Victims

Until a few years ago, most homeowner insurance policies were only subject to a single deductible. However, after Hurricane Andrew hit, insurance companies sought to cap their potential payouts and instituted separate “hurricane deductibles” for policyholders in coastal… Read More »

Claims Against Utility Companies

While water and wind damage resulted in the majority of insurance claims, many of the 8.5 million residential and business customers who lost power allege that utility companies were negligent by failing to clear trees from power lines,… Read More »

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