Belluck & Fox Hurricane Sandy’s Lasting Impressions on Victims Hard to Overcome

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For those who watched TV footage of Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, the destruction seemed almost inconceivable.  While many made contributions and did what they could to help from a distance, most of those people simply moved on with their lives.

Sadly, many Hurricane Sandy victims continue to fight with their insurance companies and are still waiting the aid they were promised – even 20 months has passed.  It’s not a surprise that Superstorm Sandy has left lasting impressions on its victims – some of which may simply be too hard to ever overcome.

Ten Things That May Never Change

Many of the residents hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy say the way in which they once lived their lives has changed dramatically – and some things may simply never get “back to normal,” according to a recent article on  These are just 10 of those instances:

  1. Some places no longer exist. Sandy wiped many familiar places completely off the map. In some communities where residents accepted buyouts, entire neighborhoods are being bulldozed. In other places where residents opted to stay put, federal flood maps are forcing them to elevate their homes and rebuild in a more resilient, yet costly, manner.
  2. Neighborhoods are still struggling. Some neighborhoods remain virtual ghost towns with former residents now living inland while they continue to await funds to repair their damages and deal with insurance company bad faith practices.
  3. Going to the beach will never be the same. In some cases, there have been too many changes to the area and many people will simply not be able to get over those as “putting things back to the way they were” just isn’t an option.
  4. Fear is in the air. While some think of Hurricane Sandy as a once-in-a-lifetime event, there has been speculation that similar storms could hit the same area. With all of the heartache, and money, spent on repairing and rebuilding, many fear that they might have to do it all over again.
  5. Daily routines have changed. For many residents, changes in the smallest routines have made the biggest difference. Having gone to a certain coffee shop, ice cream shop or restaurant for years that is no longer there is disconcerting – especially in small New Jersey towns where lifelong friendships were made during those visits.
  6. Prices Have Gone Up. The Jersey Shore has become a more expensive place to live as there is a shortage of affordable rental housing.
  7. Life is filled with uncertainty. It’s been 20 months since Sandy hit and it’s difficult for many to make long-term plans without knowing if and when they will get the federal aid or insurance proceeds they so desperately need.
  8. Frustration and distrust. Federal aid and the state’s distribution of it, along with bad faith insurance practices, has led to a lot of distrust of the government and insurance industry.
  9. Financial straits. Many home and business owners have had to take out private loans to pay for the rebuilding and repairing efforts – putting them into very bad financial straits until insurance proceeds and federal aid are paid.
  10. Renewed appreciation for life. Yes, really. Leave it up to New Yorkers and New Jerseyians to find the good in the bad. So many are thankful they’ve still got their families and friends and that rebuilding is still an option. However, one resident’s comment summed it all up, “We will be OK!”

Have You Been Whole?

Anyone who hasn’t been made whole since Hurricane Sandy may have an action against their insurance company for bad faith insurance practices. Contact an experienced New York insurance dispute lawyer who can evaluate your situation and determine your legal options. Insurance companies bet on the fact that most individuals won’t fight back. You can level the playing field with the assistance of a lawyer.