MTA Looking to Plug Subway Holes After Hurricane Sandy

MTA-Looking-to-Plug-Subway-Holes-After-Hurricane-Sandy-imageNew York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has begun looking for ways to plug the openings in New York City’s subway system, many areas of which were flooded during Hurricane Sandy, to make sure that the “next big storm” won’t have the same consequences.

Getting the Job Done a Top Priority

According to New York’s WABC 7online, the MTA is looking for ways that it can plug the openings to New York City’s underwater subway tunnels – eight of which flooded during Superstorm Sandy.  While most of the subway lines were out of service for only a few days, certain sections of the system have taken much longer to repair.  In fact, “A” train service to the Rockaways is still inoperable, although the MTA says that it will resume on May 30th.

MTA officials say they are, “exploring alternatives to the plywood and sandbags they’ve used in the past to keep stormwater out of tunnels and stations” and are considering the possibility of using removable lids that could be placed over subway grates and sealed shut to avoid flooding.  Getting the job done seems to be a top priority. 

Have Your Priorities Been Addressed?

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