Hurricane Sandy Caused 10 Billion Gallons of Sewage to Be Released into Waterways

Hurricane-Sandy-Caused-10-Billion-Gallons-of-Sewage-to-Be-Released-into-Waterways-ImageThe force of Hurricane Sandy flooded numerous treatment plants in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut coastal areas.  Over 10 billion gallons of sewage was released into the area’s surrounding bays, waterways and beaches, causing the type of damage that no one could have anticipated.

Sewage Could Cover Central Park – 41 Feet High

According to the New York Daily News, the amount of raw sewage that was released into waterways during Hurricane Sandy could cover the area of Central Park at an astounding level of 41 feet high.  It’s almost impossible to imagine.  Health officials had to work overtime to inform residents that they must boil their drinking water and avoid contaminated water.  News reports after Hurricane Sandy often showed people being carried out of their homes by rescue workers to prevent them from coming into contact with contaminated water.

Some area residents report that they can still smell sewage and wonder how the issue will affect them over time – something that authorities say still needs to be determined.

Astonishing Climate Central Statistics

According to Climate Central, an agency that analyzes climate change, six sewage spills larger than 100 million gallons and 28 larger than one million gallons were reported after Sandy.

Climate Central’s report also provided these statistics:

  • Long Island’s Bay Park facility was knocked out of service for four hours, and 100 million gallons of untreated sewage gushed into Long Island’s Hewlett Bay.
  • Another 2.2 billion gallons of partially treated sewage seeped out of the plant during the 44 days it took to fully restore operations.
  • Nearly 50 million gallons of untreated sewage flowed from a Yonkers treatment plant during 14 hours at the peak of the storm. Another 1.2 billion gallons of partially treated sewage oozed from the plant in the ensuing four weeks.
  • The Passaic River valley suffered the largest spill of all. During the week after the storm, 840 million gallons of untreated sewage leaked into Newark Bay. Another 3 billion gallons overflowed during the next two weeks, as the plant struggled to get back online.

$50 Billion in Damage

Hurricane Sandy caused a total of $50 billion in damage and a lot of hassle for homeowners.  Although the long-term effects of sewage flooding aren’t yet resolved, your homeowners’ insurance claim should be.

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