How To Get The Insurance Coverage You Need After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy ravished the New Jersey and New York coastlines in October 2012. The massive storm caused $50 billion in damage. Thousands of homes and businesses on the Jersey Shore, Long Island and Staten Island were destroyed or damaged. Some communities went weeks without power.

Hurricane Sandy was just the start of the headaches for those New York and New Jersey homeowners and businesses. As they attempt to rebuild and repair their properties, they are running up against the brick wall of their insurance companies. Legitimate damage claims are being denied outright, or they are being settled for far less than they are worth.

Don’t be a victim twice! Turn to the experienced insurance lawyers at Belluck & Fox LLP. Our legal team, led by Joe Belluck and Jordan Fox, will stand up for Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey and New York, including Staten Island and Long Island.

We fight for our clients – and, as a result, we have secured more than $500 million for our clients and their families. We can help you with these insurance issues: undervalued claims, unfair settlements, delayed settlements, improperly calculated deductibles, settlement disputes and disputes related to wind damage, flood damage, interior damage or roof damage. It is important to know that some construction materials may contain asbestos. Insulation, ceiling tile, floor tiles, roofing, piping, textured paint and patching compounds are all examples of products that were made with some level of asbestos. Damage to your home could expose you to this human carcinogen known to cause mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. Learn more about asbestos exposure.

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