Archive: November 2013

DHS & Rutgers To Administer $5M Treatment Program For Struggling Sandy Victims

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So much has been written about Hurricane Sandy over the past 13 months concerning repairing and rebuilding homes and businesses and policyholders battling it out with their insurance companies over insurance proceeds that can now likely be called… Read More »

Five Areas Hit By Hurricane Sandy Still Need Major Revitalization

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Repairing and rebuilding efforts continue in parts of the New York and New Jersey coastlines hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy more than a year ago.  However, despite the gallant efforts of residents, politicians and celebrities, many of these… Read More »

Frustrated With Insurance Companies, St. John’s Coach Rebuilds His Own House

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Homeowners and business owners still waiting on insurance proceeds are likely frustrated to the point of giving up.  Who can blame them?  It simply shouldn’t take a year to settle matters.  However, many New Yorkers and New Jerseyans… Read More »

New Guidelines May Give NY Policyholders More Leverage

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It has been one year since Hurricane Sandy hit.  Yet, not a day passes without more stories of homeowners still waiting to receive compensation for their losses.  As many of these claims begin to be litigated, New York… Read More »