Hurricane Sandy Roof Insurance Claims

Roof damage is common in hurricanes like Sandy. The majority of roofs – including those made of tin or metal – are generally not able to withstand hurricane force winds.  Shingled roofs, whether asphalt, cedar or tile, can sustain the most damage, as the shingles can easily become dislodged.  If even a shingle lifts and is blown away, it becomes easier for wind to get underneath other shingles and cause significant  damage.

Aside from the roof itself, high wind and water damage can affect chimneys, solar panels, gutters, shutters and sealants.  Wind and water forces can also cause trees and branches to fall and severely damage a roof’s structure – resulting in additional damage to both the exterior and interior of the structure.

Many policyholders operate under the false assumption that their insurance proceeds will pay to replace their existing roof with another roof at no charge other than the deductible.  However, depending on the type of insurance you have (replacement cost vs. actual cash value), that might not be the case.  Replacement cost will generally provide you with a new roof similar to what you had before the damage – less your deductible.  If actual cash value is used, your insurance company may decrease your proceeds by deducting the depreciated value of your pre-storm roof – leaving you to make up the difference.

If you believe an insurance company is not paying you fairly for roof damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, turn to the experienced insurance lawyers at Belluck & Fox LLP. We know how to take on insurance companies and win – and we have secured more than $500 million for our clients and their families.

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