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Belluck & Fox Hurricane Sandy’s Lasting Impressions on Victims Hard to Overcome

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

For those who watched TV footage of Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, the destruction seemed almost inconceivable.  While many made contributions and did what they could to help from a distance, most of those people simply moved on… Read More »

New Law Gives Hurricane Sandy Victims Big Tax Break

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

Hurricane Sandy victims haven’t gotten many breaks in the nearly 20 months since the Superstorm hit the eastern seaboard and caused over $50 billion in damage. Most homeowners who sought to repair and rebuild have been fighting with… Read More »

19 Months after Hurricane Sandy & Many Still Waiting For Relief

Hurricane Sandy’s path of destruction affected those in the coastal areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut in a way that no other storm has in the recent past. Many homeowners experienced severe damage or complete destruction… Read More »

Staten Islanders Getting an Extra $3M to Help Rebuild Shoreline & Infrastructure

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

Although Hurricane Sandy devastated many parts of the eastern seaboard, residents of Staten Island New York were particularly affected.  Residents of the shoreline beach community that overlooks the Manhattan skyline have proven to be a very resolute group…. Read More »

Hurricane Sandy: Demolition of Unsafe Structures Begins In 9 New Jersey Counties

Thousands of homes and buildings were damaged or destroyed during Hurricane Sandy, and many homeowners continue to fight with their insurers over bad faith insurance practices in order to get the money they need to repair and rebuild. … Read More »

Hurricane Sandy Property Still Waiting to Build Back

Bad Faith / Declining to Pay

New York’s Build It Back Program, a special federal aid program, was created to help New Yorkers whose homes were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy rebuild. However, nine months after it was introduced in June of 2013, only 100… Read More »

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