Parents Seek Counseling for Kids Traumatized by Hurricane Sandy

Parents-Seek-Counseling-for-Kids-Traumatized-by-Hurricane-Sandy-imageAlthough Hurricane Sandy ravaged the New York and New Jersey coastline seven months ago, the lingering destruction still preys on the minds of victims large and small.  Many parents have sought counseling for their children who continue to be traumatized by Hurricane Sandy. Experts say that many more will likely do the same.

A World Shaken

According to an article in Public News Service, many children are having a difficult time recovering from Superstorm Sandy, and their parents have sought counseling to help them.  Dr. Robert Motta, the Director of the Child & Family Trauma Institute at Hofstra University, said that for many children, “Their stability, their world, is shaken when they see the parents shaken, when they see the parents unable to cope…”

Motta, along with others who operate free trauma centers in New York and New Jersey, say that while many children still panic during heavy rains and wind, even more are taking their “emotional cues” from their parents.  According to Robyn Berger-Gaston, a Director at Family Service League, which also provides free counseling to children, “the situation isn’t helped by the fact that many families are experiencing delays in getting the money to rebuild [their] homes.”

While it’s difficult to believe that families are still waiting to get the money they need after seven months’ time, the reality is that many insurance companies are doing whatever it takes to keep the premiums that the insured paid them, without holding up their end of the bargain.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

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