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Hurricane Sandy Property Still Waiting to Build Back

Bad Faith / Declining to Pay

New York’s Build It Back Program, a special federal aid program, was created to help New Yorkers whose homes were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy rebuild. However, nine months after it was introduced in June of 2013, only 100… Read More »

Hurricane Sandy: Good Faith Insurance Practices Are a Two-Way Street

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

The devastation that so many New Yorkers and New Jerseyans suffered after Hurricane Sandy has brought the issue of bad faith insurance practices into the public eye.   Thousands of homeowners and business owners continue to wait for their… Read More »

Hoboken NJ Mayor Says Governor Intentionally Withheld Hurricane Funds


The mayor of Hoboken has alleged that the Christie Administration intentionally withheld Hurricane Sandy relief funds from the city because the mayor refused to permit a building project that Gov. Christie demanded be undertaken. Much Ado about Nothing…… Read More »

NY Governor Says State Will Fully Compensate Hurricane Sandy Victims For FEMA Glitch

Homeowners whose properties were damaged or destroyed during Hurricane Sandy likely filed claims with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to rebuild or repair.  However, a glitch in FEMA’s rules resulted in some homeowners being unable to collect. … Read More »

Sandy Victims Battle with Insurers, Charities, Contractors

Headlines about the devastation brought by Superstorm Sandy have faded. But many New Yorkers are continuing to struggle with their insurance companies over claims payments. An 82-year-old Rockaway resident is even doing battle with Habitat for Humanity and… Read More »

Promises For Hurricane Sandy Aid Made To New Jersey & Residents Still Unfulfilled

Small business owners and homeowners in New Jersey were promised billions of dollars in Hurricane Sandy aid and insurance settlements to rebuild and repair businesses and homes that were part of the $50 billion in damage caused by… Read More »

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