Sandy Victims Battle with Insurers, Charities, Contractors

Sandy-Victims-Battle-with-Insurers-Charities-Contractors-ImageHeadlines about the devastation brought by Superstorm Sandy have faded. But many New Yorkers are continuing to struggle with their insurance companies over claims payments. An 82-year-old Rockaway resident is even doing battle with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross.

According to the New York Post, the woman alleges that volunteers from Habitat for Humanity came to her house to remove mold from flooding due to Sandy.  However, she says that they showed up only sporadically, and her mold problem is worse than it was before volunteers came.

If that weren’t enough, she also is in a dispute with the Red Cross, which paid $10,000 to an unlicensed contractor who allegedly took the money and ran – without completing the job. With the resolve of a true New Yorker, the woman told the Post, “I’m not a whiner. I’m not a crybaby. I was raised in Harlem during the Depression – I was raised old-school. I just don’t want to die as a result of group incompetence.”

You Don’t Have To Fight Alone  

Many New Yorkers and New Jerseyans are battling with charities, contractors and their own insurance companies to get their lives back to normal. Insurance companies that deny legitimate claims, dispute fair settlement amounts, improperly calculate deductibles, undervalue claims or engage in bad faith practices can, and should, be held accountable.  We can help.

If an insurer hasn’t treated you fairly, contact Belluck & Fox and let one of our experienced New York bad faith insurance attorneys analyze your situation.  We can help you resolve your insurance disputes so that you can stop battling and start rebuilding.  Contact us today at 855-702-7251!