Hoboken NJ Mayor Says Governor Intentionally Withheld Hurricane Funds


The mayor of Hoboken has alleged that the Christie Administration intentionally withheld Hurricane Sandy relief funds from the city because the mayor refused to permit a building project that Gov. Christie demanded be undertaken.

Much Ado about Nothing… or Possibly Something?

According to the New York Times, the Governor’s office claims no wrongdoing of any kind. However, Dawn Zimmer, the Democratic mayor of Hoboken, alleges that two high-ranking officials from Christie’s office threatened to withhold Hurricane Sandy relief funds from the city of Hoboken unless Zimmer supported a real estate development that Christie wanted built in her jurisdiction.

Zimmer recently told her side of the story on MSNBC, where she produced her own journal entries that documented the conversations she had with Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno and Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Richard E. Constable.  In essence, Zimmer claims that she was told that Hurricane Sandy relief assistance would be withheld from Hoboken unless she agreed to the project.  She likened the tactics used to being held “hostage.”

 Have Your Legitimate Funds Been Withheld?

If your legitimate Hurricane Sandy homeowners’ insurance claim funds have been withheld, it may be time to speak with an insurance dispute lawyer who can analyze your situation to determine if your insurer has acted in bad faith.  Bad faith insurance practices include:

  • disputed settlement amount
  • improperly calculated deductible
  • undervalued claims
  • unfair or lowball settlements
  • unreasonably delayed settlements or claims processes
  • failure to pay without legitimate justification

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A bad faith insurance attorney can evaluate your insurance policy and claim and determine:

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  • whether your claim was undervalued due to miscalculating depreciation costs in the insurer’s favor and failing to account for newer building code requirements that might affect rebuilding or repairing
  • if your claim has been unreasonably delayed or simply denied for no valid reason

The bottom line is that all insurance companies know which law firms will accept unfair settlements and which ones will take them to court.  Make sure you hire a law firm who will do the latter.  After paying premiums for years, you’re entitled to the benefits that your policy provides.