NY Governor Says State Will Fully Compensate Hurricane Sandy Victims For FEMA Glitch

damage-claim-imageHomeowners whose properties were damaged or destroyed during Hurricane Sandy likely filed claims with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to rebuild or repair.  However, a glitch in FEMA’s rules resulted in some homeowners being unable to collect.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that the State will fully compensate those homeowners with federal funds received.

What’s The Glitch & How Will The State Provide Compensation?

The answer to the first is clear. The answer to the second question remains to be determined.  According to the New York Daily News, FEMA’s rules allow for compensation of victims for flooding, but not for “flood contributing to differential movement of supporting soils.” Unfortunately, that distinction left hundreds of Sandy victims in the lurch and prevented them from receiving the funds they needed to rebuild homes with buckled floors and cracked foundations.

New York Governor Cuomo recently announced that this group of homeowners would be “fully compensated” for their losses from federal hurricane funds funneled into New York.

“It simply does not make sense that some New Yorkers who were just as hard hit by the same storms as others cannot be compensated for their losses,” Gov. Cuomo said.  “Homeowners will be fully compensated for all repairs of damage.”

Are You Still Waiting For Promised Funds?

Homeowners caught in FEMA’s glitch are fortunate to have Governor Cuomo step in on their behalf and fix the problem regarding flooding damage.  Unfortunately, many homeowners who have yet to be fully compensated for their losses by their insurance companies likely feel as though they’re alone.  At Belluck & Fox, we emphatically say:

You Are Not Alone.  We Can Help!

If your insurance company has not yet paid your legitimate Hurricane Sandy homeowners claim or has engaged in bad faith insurance practices such as undervaluing your claim, proposing unfair settlements, improperly calculating your deductibles or has simply denied your claim, please contact us.

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