Hurricane Deductibles Not Applicable For “Superstorm” Sandy Victims

New-York-Hurricane-Deductibles-Not-Applicable-For-Superstorm-Sandy-VictimsUntil a few years ago, most homeowner insurance policies were only subject to a single deductible. However, after Hurricane Andrew hit, insurance companies sought to cap their potential payouts and instituted separate “hurricane deductibles” for policyholders in coastal areas. Those deductibles may require homeowners to pay from one to five percent of their property’s value before their insurance kicks in.

A $400,000 property equates to a deductible from $4,000 to $20,000. However, “Hurricane” Sandy was not deemed a hurricane at all – hence, the term “Superstorm” – and those deductibles are not applicable to policyholders.

Confusing Policy Language May Result In Bad Faith Practices

Although insurance companies are well aware that hurricane deductibles do not apply to Superstorm Sandy victims, many are denying claims in the hopes that policyholders don’t catch on. Insurance policies are generally written in “legal-eze” and can be confusing to anyone who is not in the insurance business.

An insurance claims lawyer can cut through the seemingly never-ending insurance red tape. They understand what your policy’s terms mean, what you’re entitled to and how insurance companies take advantage of homeowners with legitimate claims.

Who’s Protecting Your Rights?

Insurance companies have lawyers whose job it is to protect the company’s assets and satisfy stockholders. The question is, “Who’s protecting your rights?” At Belluck & Fox, our bad faith insurance attorneys have years of experience in helping policyholders get what they rightfully deserve.

Contact us today to discuss your situation. We’ve recovered over $500 million dollars for our clients – many of whom are policyholders just like you who thought they simply couldn’t fight the resources of big insurance companies.