Wind Damage A Major Factor For Superstorm Sandy Victims

Wind-Damage-A-Major-Factor-For-Superstorm-Sandy-Victims-ImageHurricane Sandy was one of the worst disasters to hit the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut coastline in years.  The Superstorm resulted in winds up to 115 miles per hour that caused billions of dollars in damage.  While a basic homeowners’ policy generally covers wind damage insurance claims, many policyholders report frustration with their insurers’ failure to pay their claims promptly or for offering them less than what they’re entitled to.

What Wind Damage Coverage Should Include

Homeowners’ policies generally provide coverage for things damaged or destroyed due to wind.  These can include broken windows, heating and air conditioning units, fences, shrubs and trees, gazebos, outdoor furniture, solar panels, decks and more.  In the simplest terms, if you owned it and it was destroyed or damaged by wind, you should be covered.  Unfortunately, even the simplest situations can become complicated – and fast.  Many insurance companies have added hurricane deductibles to policyholders who live along coastlines, requiring a one to five percent deductible (in addition to your standard deductible) in order to limit their payouts.

Although Sandy was not technically a hurricane and the governors of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut told insurers that hurricane deductibles do not apply to Sandy’s destruction, policyholders are finding that insurance companies – especially those whose customer service offices are not in the local area – are not complying, causing them no end of frustration.

Belluck & Fox Can Help

If you believe an insurance company is not paying you fairly for wind damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, contact Belluck & Fox LLP.  We can help you resolve insurance issues relating specifically to wind damage or other areas, such as undervalued claims, unfair settlements, delayed settlements, improperly calculated deductibles and settlement disputes.  We’re located in New York City and know firsthand how deeply local homeowners and businesses in New Jersey and New York, including residents of Staten Island, Long Island and the Jersey Shore, were affected by this disaster.  Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.