Who’s Pocketing Your Money?

Who’s-Pocketing-Your-Money-ImageAs billions of dollars in Hurricane Sandy aid make their way to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, the possibility of theft has become a concern.  One New York politician has proposed creating a “Sandy Tracker” to monitor those funds and punish anyone who steals aid meant to help those in need.

If only there was a tracker to catch insurance companies that try to withhold Hurricane Sandy compensation that is rightfully yours.

Insurance companies are notorious for disputing settlement amounts, improperly calculating deductibles, undervaluing claims, proposing unfair settlements, denying claims and engaging in bad faith insurance practices instead of paying out what’s rightfully yours.  In other words, they’re pocketing your premium money.

However, homeowners who have not been treated fairly have options.

Contact Belluck & Fox and let one of our experienced New York insurance claim attorneys analyze your situation. We can get your claim settled once and for all and determine whether you might be entitled to other compensation for bad faith insurance practices.