Unscrupulous Practices After Superstorm Sandy Continue

Unscrupulous-Practices-After-Superstorm-Sandy-Continue-ImageHurricane Sandy victims have likely been through one of most horrific experiences of their lives.  While some honest homeowners are rebuilding and repairing both their homes and their lives, others have reportedly been involved in unscrupulous practices after Superstorm Sandy.

Governor Cuomo Tells Con-Ed Execs to Return $614,000 In Bonuses

According to a report on WABC TV New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo called for an investigation into why four top Con Edison executives received $614,000 in bonuses for meeting “significant challenges in 2012,” which included Hurricane Sandy.  According to Cuomo, the state’s utility companies not only failed to provide adequate service to residents, they provided “woeful” service.

The bonuses have now been returned, and the state’s utility companies are working with regulators on a plan to spend $1 billion over the next several years to improve their infrastructure so that utility service outages do not occur to the extent they did during Hurricane Sandy.

Insurers Also Accused of Bad Faith Practices

Many homeowners report that their insurance companies have not yet stepped up to the plate when it comes to paying out valid Hurricane Sandy insurance claims.  Some homeowners’ claims have been denied outright, other policyholders have been told over and over again that the check is coming soon and others have received low-ball settlement offers that don’t even begin to compensate them for their losses.

If your insurance company has treated you unfairly, contact the experienced bad faith insurance attorneys at Belluck & Fox to discuss your situation so that we can help you get your claim paid, resolve insurance disputes and discuss whether your insurance company could be liable for treating you in bad faith.