Superstorm Sandy Task Force To Recommend Aid Targets

Superstorm-Sandy-Task-Force-To-Recommend-Aid-Targets-ImageThe Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, a group assembled by President Obama’s administration, has spent the past several months analyzing the long-term damage of Hurricane Sandy. The task force soon will announce where it thinks $40 billion in federal aid should go to help rebuild areas hit hardest by the storm and prepare for future storms like it.

According to NY1, while the federal government promised $50 billion in federal aid to areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy such as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, only $10 billion has been distributed for emergency purposes.

The Obama Administration wants to know where the remaining $40 million should be spent – especially after battle lines were drawn by many groups and communities claiming the greatest need.  Most hope the task force recommendations will be fair and help as many as possible.

According to Laurel Blatchford, the executive director of the task force:

Our goal is not to be another bureaucracy that adds to the complication of delivering recovery, but rather we really want to seek a way to serve every person in the region as effectively as possible.  We don’t just want to build it back the same way, we want to build it back better.

Blatchford, who previously worked for New York Mayor Bloomberg, says that the mayor has been instrumental in the effort but is not part of the task force and has no authority over how the money will be distributed.

Many Still Waiting For Aid

Most people are likely unaware that only a portion of the promised federal funds have been disbursed.  However, the customers of many insurance companies know well what it’s like to wait for the funds they need to recover from the storm.

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