Staten Island Fair Held to Help Residents Adjust to the “New Normal”

Staten-Island-Fair-Held-to-Help-Residents-Adjust-to-the-“New-Normal”-ImageThe Staten Island Community and Interfaith Long-Term Recovery Organization recently sponsored a fair to help residents of one of the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy adjust to the “new normal” and to address concerns about how to get the help rebuilding that they were promised.

Many Staten Island Residents Still Need Help & Direction

Those were the words used by Paul Kosinski, a deacon and director of community outreach for Project Hospitality.  According to, Kosinski said, “People are still suffering from the effects of the storm eight months later.  [They] feel depressed and they’re beyond frustration. They’re on the verge of giving up. They still don’t have answers about how to settle into their new normal.”

According to, while residents appeared to be encouraged by the fair’s organization and planning, many of them felt that they did not get the help they were seeking.

Here’s what some attendees said:

  • “I came here to ask FEMA questions (about grant monies) and [the representative] couldn’t get online,” said Dianne Hague, whose family lost three homes on Quincy Avenue in Ocean Breeze during Hurricane Sandy.
  • “I am here to talk to a FEMA representative. When I call on the telephone I don’t get answers,” said Raymond Fantino, a storm victim from South Beach who said he is awaiting answers about an appeal to a FEMA claim.

The fair, which was held at Staten Island’s St. Christopher’s Church Community Center, included disaster case managers and workers from various organizations, including the Red Cross, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Project Hospitality and more.

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