Queen Latifah Pops By Seaside Heights School For Some High-Fives

Queen-Latifah-Pops-By-Seaside-Heights-School-For-Some-High-Fives-ImageStudents of New Jersey’s Seaside Heights Hugh J. Boyd Elementary School have been without a school or a playground since Superstorm Sandy hit last October. All that is about to change after Labor Day – and singer, actress and Cover girl Queen Latifah recently popped by the newly renovated school to check it out and high-five some star-struck kids and parents and the teachers who are being praised for their efforts after the storm.

A Story Of Committed Teachers

Although Latifah’s visit was a great surprise for all, the inspiring story behind Boyd Elementary’s damage after Sandy concerns the teachers at the school. According to a recent article published on BrickPatch.com, the school’s teachers, many of whom were rendered homeless after Sandy struck, sought out their students in shelters.

Parent Donna Lech said:

When the storm hit and the families were scattered all over the place, the teachers went to every single shelter until they found their kids and then they went back and they read to them. Then they went back and they did puzzles with them.

The damage from Sandy rendered the 46-year-old school on Bay Boulevard unusable, and its students were housed inside Central Regional High School for the remainder of the year. However, all that will change after Labor Day when the new and improved Hugh J. Boyd Elementary School opens for the first time since October 29th – complete with all needed repairs and restorations.

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