NYC Revamps Evacuation Zones After Superstorm Sandy

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that New York City has revamped its evacuation zone maps to protect residents in all five boroughs from future natural disasters like Superstorm Sandy. The new map incorporates 600,000 additional city residents into evacuation zones.

Significant Changes Will Help More New Yorkers Prepare & React Quickly

NYC-Revamps-Evacuation-Zones-After-Superstorm-Sandy-ImageSignificant changes have been made to NYC’s evacuation plan in order to help more New Yorkers prepare and react quickly to natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy.  According to the Huffington Post, although the new plan is ambitious and expensive, Mayor Bloomberg said that such wide-ranging initiatives “deserved careful attention and further study” immediately in order to combat the effects of climate change.

Bloomberg’s $20 billion initiative replaces the current Zones A, B, and C with Zones 1 through 6 to “allow more flexibility in targeting areas to evacuate in advance of a predicted storm.”  Hurricane Sandy killed 43 people, most of whom lived in the previous “Zone A” – which included Manhattan’s Battery Park City, Coney Island, the Rockaways in Queens and the shore areas of Staten Island.

Here are some helpful links to find out more about the new plan and whether you’re in an evacuation zone:

Many “Zone A” Residents Still Waiting For Aid

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