NJ Governor Amends Law Allowing Teens to Help with Hurricane Sandy Construction

teens-helping-hurricane-sandy-construction-imageCurrent New Jersey law only allows minors to volunteer with nonprofit agencies that are building affordable housing.  However, due to the severe damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has amended that law to allow teens to volunteer with nonprofit groups for Hurricane Sandy construction projects.

Every Hand Helps

Superstorm Sandy caused more than $50 billion worth of damage to the eastern seaboard – but most significantly to the New Jersey and New York coastal areas.  Rebuilding homes, businesses and infrastructures since then has been a challenge.  Every hand helps, and Christie just added a few more.

According to NJ.com, the Governor recently signed an executive order that allows minors between the ages of 14 to 17 to work on certain construction projects with nonprofit organizations until the end of 2013 as long as they abide by safety rules and do not use heavy equipment or power tools.  According to Christie:

In the aftermath of Sandy, New Jerseyans of all ages came together to rebuild our state, including many minors working with charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity.  This executive order allows minors to safely give back to their state and help their fellow citizens during their time of need.

The extra hands will definitely be put to use during the summer months when the minors are on break.

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