Many Hurricane Sandy Victims Still Without Permanent Housing

Many-Hurricane-Sandy-Victims-Still-Without-Permanent-Housing-ImageAlthough it’s been six months since Hurricane Sandy hit the New York and New Jersey coastal areas, nearly 200 families are still without permanent housing.  Currently staying in hotels with city assistance, these families are now facing eviction, and this has caused a bitter debate.  However, the fate of these families will be decided soon.

Judge to Decide if Families Can Stay

According to an article in the Epoch Times, a federal judge in New York City will decide whether nearly 200 families who lost their homes in Superstorm Sandy can continue to stay in hotels with city assistance or will be forced to leave.  The hearing, to be held in mid-May, has fostered a heated debate.

After the storm hit, city officials promised residents that it would shelter them until their homes were repaired or rebuilt.  However, it’s been six months, their homes are still damaged and many simply have nowhere else to go.  Both the city’s officials and the residents never imagined that the process would take this long.

While the Times article focused on those living in hotels, the truth of the matter is that many homeowners find themselves no better off than they were six months ago because they’re still battling it out with their insurance companies.

Insurance Claims Not Resolved After Six Months Likely Bad Faith

The homeowners’ insurance claims should have been resolved within six months.  Insurance companies that have yet to resolve Hurricane Sandy claims are likely to be acting in bad faith.  If your legitimate homeowners’ insurance claim has been wrongly denied, delayed time and time again or if your insurer offered you a settlement for much less than you’re entitled to, contact Belluck & Fox.  We know how insurance companies operate and what it takes to get your claim paid, settle insurance disputes or take legal action against your insurer for acting in bad faith.