Frustrated Sandy Victims Look to Mayor de Blasio to Make Things Happen

Bad Faith / Declining to Pay

Hurricane Sandy victims in numerous New Jersey counties and all five Manhattan boroughs continue to fight with their homeowners’ insurance companies, struggle with state and federal agencies and wait patiently for efforts such as the Build it Back program to begin.

Many frustrated Hurricane Sandy victims from Staten Island recently took their frustrations to the streets.  Over 100 people took part in a Hurricane Sandy awareness march to spotlight their plight and say that they are looking to Mayor Bill de Blasio to make things happen.

NYC Mayor to Move $100M into Build It Back Program

According to, Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced that his office will move $100 million into the Build it Back program and that the city’s Housing Recovery Office staff will be increased to correct some of the issues that have plagued homeowners for too long.

Although that would seem to be good news, many New Yorkers say that they want more than mere words, as 17 months have gone by and rebuilding and repair efforts have not been realized to the extent they were promised.

The event, billed as “Walk a Mile in Our Shoes,” stepped off from Turtle Circle in Midland Beach and attracted at least two local politicians, Rep. Michael Grimm (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn) and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-East Shore/Brooklyn).Both commented on the mayor’s promise to help Sandy victims:

  • Rep. Michael Grimm.  “[A]fter countless assurances to cut the red tape and get victims back in their homes, I will have to see it to believe it. While I am hopeful of the mayor’s intentions, if he has an actual plan in mind to finally get these victims the help they need, I would love to see some specific, concrete details.”
  • Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis.  “[W]e hope that this is the beginning of real change to the city’s Build it Back program.We also need the state to make a final determination on which communities will qualify for a buyout so these homeowners can get clarity of their options and make a decision on whether to sell to the state or rebuild with the city.”

Despite the solidarity and promises from the mayor, most of the participants still expressed frustration and anger over the city’s lack of oversight when it comes to dispersing the much needed funds.  However, one marcher put it best. Derek Tabacco,co-founder of Guyon Rescue(a Staten Island grass roots volunteer group), said, “[H]omeowners have been asking on a daily basis what’s going on with Build it Back – it’s been 17 months since the storm and people want answers.  Everyone is sick of the red tape.”

Are You Sick Of The Red Tape?

Unfortunately, Staten Islanders aren’t the only ones dealing with red tape regarding aid, programs and insurance companies who engage in bad faith insurance practices.  In fact, insurance companies often use red tape to frustrate policyholders into accepting lower settlements or giving up altogether.  If you’re still waiting for your insurance proceeds, the chances are that your insurer is treating you in bad faith.

The bottom line is you’ve waited long enough.  Contact an experienced New York insurance dispute lawyer who can help you get your claim settled and determine whether you might have legal grounds to sue the insurer for engaging in bad faith insurance practices.