FEMA Filing Deadline Extended 6 Months For Hurricane Sandy Victims

time-extension-imageThe deadline for filing a FEMA flood insurance claim is generally one year.  But Hurricane Sandy victims have an additional six months with the announced extension of the filing deadline until April 28, 2014. Many home and business owners affected by Sandy have yet to file claims because they are still trying to get the information they need.

Lawmakers To The Rescue

According to Staten Island’s silive.com, Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer led a bipartisan group of lawmakers in calling for a six-month extension to the FEMA deadline after realizing that many Hurricane Sandy victims simply couldn’t meet the one-year deadline of Oct. 29, 2013 to file completed proof of loss forms detailing the amount of damage they would be claiming.  Most are still waiting for repair work or are becoming aware of new expenses as repairs are being made.

“Sandy-impacted homeowners who suffered damages from the storm should not be denied claims due to the timing of their paperwork,” Sen. Gillibrand said. “This critical extension will give struggling families more time to apply for the resources they deserve to repair and rebuild their homes.”

For anyone wondering, FEMA’s disaster recovery operations will remain up and running during the government shutdown.  However, its Risk-Mapping Program will not.  That may lead to delays in getting the final new flood maps that will determine new base flood elevations and flood insurance premiums.

It’s Been Nearly One Year Since Hurricane Sandy Struck

For many people, it’s amazing to think that it’s been nearly a year since Hurricane Sandy struck the coastal areas of New York and New Jersey.  For many who were affected, the one-year mark simply represents the anniversary of a disaster that they are still recovering from.

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