Discovery of Rockaway Man Brings Hurricane Sandy Death Toll to 44

Discovery-of-Rockaway-Man-Brings-Hurricane-Sandy-Death-Toll-to-44-ImageThe recent discovery of a man’s body in the Queen’s Rockaway Beach area brings the death toll from Hurricane Sandy to 44. Unfortunately, the man’s quiet existence in a small trailer located on a tiny block of Rockaway Beach Boulevard left his absence from the community unnoticed for several months after the storm hit the area in October of last year.

A Sad Discovery & Loss to the Rockaway Beach Community

According to the New York Times, 62-year-old Keith Lancaster lived a very quiet existence in a tiny trailer on Rockaway Beach Boulevard.  Although he had friends in the area, he often kept to himself.  When Hurricane Sandy hit, many of the older residents who lived in trailers in the beach area were killed – and Lancaster’s friends assumed he was one of them.

It wasn’t until his friends started asking each other about what happened to Lancaster that they decided to go over to his trailer and check on him.  It was then that they discovered his body.  Sadly, Lancaster became the 44th victim of Hurricane Sandy.

Devastating Circumstances

The devastating circumstances surrounding Lancaster’s death remind us all of how important it is to take care of each other during difficult times.  New Yorkers know that better than anyone – and should be well past the point of waiting for what’s rightfully theirs to repair and rebuild their lives.

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