Cornell Alumni & Staff Help To Rebuild Queen’s Breezy Point Neighborhood

A 12-foot storm surge during Hurricane Sandy destroyed more than 400 homes in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens, New York.  Even eight months later, fewer than 500 families have been able to return to their homes.  Enter the alumni and staff of New York’s prestigious Cornell University…

Doing Whatever It Takes To Get People Back Home


According to the Cornell Chronicle, the alumni and staff of Cornell University are willing to do whatever it takes to get Breezy Point residents back home.  On June 15th, 65 volunteers from Cornell pitched in to remove debris, shovel sand, install sheetrock, paint, build houses and create planters for recently returned senior citizens and veterans.

The group, which included alumni, 4-H members and staff from Cornell University Cooperative Extension-NYC (CUCE-NYC) and the Cornell Office of Alumni Affairs-Metro NY, is planning to do more this fall and will distribute and plant 300 trees in the neighborhood.

Residents throughout the area continue to struggle with the rebuilding process.  According to Breezy Point resident Gretchen Ferenz, “Although the devastation is at times overwhelming for all of us who live here, this is a resilient community, and we continue to find feasible ways to aid in the recovery from the destruction and related challenges.”

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