Coney Island Police Officer Honored For Heroic Efforts During Hurricane Sandy

Coney-Island-Police-Officer-Honored-For-Heroic-Efforts-During-Hurricane-Sandy-ImageA Coney Island, New York police officer was honored recently for saving the lives of a couple and their baby when flood waters rushed into the Coney Island area during Hurricane Sandy.  The police officer is one of the many New Yorkers whose bravery and selflessness deserve our praise.

Stranded Police Officer Helps Others

Coney Island Officer Jonas Guisao, was recognized by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly for his heroic acts during Superstorm Sandy last October.  According to an article in the New York Post, Guisao was out deploying boats to assist stranded Coney Island residents the night Hurricane Sandy struck the New York coastline.

However, his own truck got stranded due to rising flood waters.  Although his vehicle went dead, Guisao spotted a family stranded in the water – and they were carrying a baby.  He was able to get to all three and got them into a passing fire truck where they were taken to safety.  The plaque Guisao received for going above and beyond the call of duty proudly hangs at his own 60th Precinct.

Has Your Insurance Carrier Gone Above & Beyond Duty?

Although it’s been eight months since Hurricane Sandy demolished large parts of the New York and New Jersey coastline, many homeowners are still waiting for insurance settlements.  While insurance companies generally aren’t recognized for going above and beyond duty, the fact remains that they do have a duty to fairly compensate  insured people for their losses – within a reasonable amount of time.  That time has certainly passed.

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