Big Name New Yorkers Support Hurricane Sandy Victims Still In Crisis

Big-Name-NY-Support-Sandy-Victims-imageA golf tournament recently held at Farmingdale’s famous Bethpage Black Course on Long Island to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims still in crisis was a star-studded event.  Co-sponsored by Yankee reliever David Robertson and Mets first baseman Ike Davis, the event was attended by some other big name New Yorkers, including former major baseball players Gary Sheffield, Al Leiter, Mike Cameron, Reggie Sanders and more.

“There Are People Who Still Need Help, And This Is One Way Of Getting That Help”

That quote is from Michael Weiner, the baseball union head who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and who is now confined to a wheelchair.  According to the NY Daily News, only a day after Weiner had what has been referred to as an “emotional” meeting with baseball writers at which he discussed succession plans for the post he holds as Executive Director of the Players Association, he traveled to Long Island in support of the charity golf event for Hurricane Sandy victims, which he said he “wouldn’t miss for the world.”

In addition to the charitable donations the event will raise for Superstorm Sandy victims, many major league baseball players also have committed up to $500,000 in relief from the Players Trust to benefit non-profit organizations that are helping victims.

Yankee reliever and co-sponsor of the event David Robertson summed it up best in a recent interview,  “I’ve seen firsthand, when national disasters hit, once the news coverage is off of it, it becomes harder and harder to get funding for people that are without homes or having problems. The spotlight’s kind of faded on Hurricane Sandy. In some people’s mind, it’s still fresh.”

Don’t Let The Spotlight Fade Until You’ve Gotten Everything You Deserve

Robertson’s statement is, unfortunately, very true.  Once the spotlight shifts from those hit hardest by a natural disaster, it becomes more difficult for them to get their lives back to normal. That’s where we can help.

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