Big Names Raise $30M For Hurricane Sandy Victims – In Some Unconventional Ways


Big name actors, directors and singers have been raising money for Hurricane Sandy victims as the first anniversary of the Superstorm approaches. More than $30 million was raised or donated over the past few months – some in unconventional ways you simply won’t believe.

Kristen Stewart Meets A Mysterious Prince, Donates $500k to Sandy Relief

Imagine getting an offer to just sit and chat with someone for 15 minutes – in return for $500,000.  Not many of us will, but that’s exactly what happened to Twilight star Kristen Stewart.  Although the exact details are a bit sketchy, according to e-online, this happened to Stewart while she was working with director Harvey Weinstein on a recent film project about Hurricane Sandy.

One of the people funding the film was a prince.  Weinstein isn’t revealing his name, but he said that the prince asked if he could meet Stewart – and indicated that he was willing to pay $500,000 for the opportunity. She agreed, they chatted for 15 minutes at a recent Hurricane Sandy benefit concert held at Madison Square Garden and then she donated the half million to Sandy relief efforts.

The concert that Stewart, and the mysterious prince, attended was headlined by Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Mick Jagger and raised $30 million.  Those proceeds will be added to the recent $1 million Hurricane Sandy donation made by New Jersey born and bred Jon Bon Jovi.  He, like fellow New Jerseyan Springsteen, have lent a helping hand during difficult times.

Who Can You Count On?

Many insurance companies say they’ll treat you “like a good neighbor” and tell you that “you’re in good hands” – especially when it comes time to pay your premiums.  However, when it comes time to make a claim, some insurance companies are simply nowhere to be found.

Homeowners who have yet to be compensated for Hurricane Sandy losses are likely being treated in bad faith.  This includes insurers who dispute settlement amounts, improperly calculate deductibles, undervalue claims, propose unfair settlements, deny claims and engage in bad faith insurance practices instead of paying homeowners the proceeds to which they’re entitled.

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