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Hurricane Sandy Demolition Program Set To Commence In Many NJ Towns

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After Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard, many homeowners sought to repair and rebuild their properties as soon as possible. However, many others whose homes were destroyed simply boarded up what was left and never returned. The situation… Read More »

Governor Christie Asks For Third FEMA Extension

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Even though 17 months have passed since Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard, many homeowners and businesses are still submitting flood insurance claims to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In many cases, the reason is that home… Read More »

Hurricane Sandy: Demolition of Unsafe Structures Begins In 9 New Jersey Counties

Thousands of homes and buildings were damaged or destroyed during Hurricane Sandy, and many homeowners continue to fight with their insurers over bad faith insurance practices in order to get the money they need to repair and rebuild. … Read More »